Innovation Spirits
We have independently developed 10 minimally invasive interventional treatment solutions targeting tricuspid valve diseases, mitral valve diseases, aortic valve diseases, and heart failure. All products are based on our original innovation and possess global patents and independent intellectual property rights.
Clip-based TTVr system

JensT-Clip, our proprietary clip-based TTVr system, is a minimally invasive treatment for severe tricuspid regurgitation patients who are not suitable for conventional surgery. JensT-Clip is delivered through transvascular access path (namely, transfemoral approach) and works by clipping together a portion of the leaflets of the tricuspid valve to reduce the backflow of blood. As part of our offering in tricuspid valve products, we have developed JensT-Clip to broaden our product portfolio and optimize our business structure, providing more complete treatment solutions for patients with tricuspid regurgitation.