Material R&D Engineer
Education:Master degree Address:Ningbo
Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the research and development and improvement of cardiovascular medical device products (NMPP), and undertake the existing project contents, including the selection of raw materials & procurement communication & evaluation, sample and product trial production & performance evaluation and verification, etc.
2. Responsible for product process design and improvement, including process formulation and improvement, design and outsourcing of tooling/fixtures/molds in the process, equipment selection/procurement communication/acceptance in the process, etc.;
3. Responsible for the preparation of product design and development related documents;
4. Actively complete other work assigned by the superior.

Job requirements

1. Master degree or above, major in high polymer materials;
2. More than 2 years experience in medical device development, proficient in 2D, 3D drawing software;
3. Familiar with common polymer properties, processing and processing technology; Master the common characterization and analysis methods of materials;
4. Strong executive ability and goal awareness, learning ability, communication ability and team spirit.

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