R&D Engineer (Active)
Education:Master degree Address:Ningbo
Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the research of the third category of active medical devices in the cardiovascular field, including Chinese and English data collection and interpretation, market and technology research, competitive product analysis, etc.
2. Responsible for the research and development of electrical products, including principle scheme construction, sample/device trial production, product design & test method establishment & performance evaluation;
3. Responsible for process development, including process design & verification, and required tooling/fixture design;
4. Write DHF and DMR documents according to the design and development process of medical devices;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Job requirements

1. Master degree or above, major in electronics, automation, computer, communication, etc. (more than 3 years of experience in electrical medical device development can be extended to bachelor degree);
2. More than 3 years of embedded product development and design experience, master two-dimensional, three-dimensional graphics software, common medical metal or polymer material properties is preferred;
3. Proficient in digital circuit and analog circuit, familiar with the performance of common electronic devices, master the application of at least one single chip microcomputer, familiar with C language programming;
4. Research and development experience of plasma or high-frequency electrosurgical equipment;
5. Strong learning ability, hands-on ability and certain pressure resistance ability;
6. Active in work, good at team cooperation and communication;
7. Good English reading and document writing skills.

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