R&D Engineer (Process design)
Education:Bachelor degree Address:Ningbo
Job responsibilities

1. Assiste in the design of process plan and process flow;
2. Participate in new product process development management, new product process development and implementation;
3. Complete the conversion and output of process design, so as to realize the product transfer from design to mass production process;
4. Responsible for the implementation of design change (process design), review and modification, and timely meet production requirements;
5. Formulate the project feasibility plan, and according to the project feasibility plan, complete the project process development, process design, process improvement, mold design, fixture and other work tasks;
6. Identify key and special processes in the process of product realization, and be responsible for the implementation of the first verification;
7. Identify whether the major problems in the production are caused by the process, summarize the data collected by the relevant department, and report to the process development manager to confirm whether the process changes are needed;
8. Complete the risk identification in the process of new product process development, the new risk identification and risk update of process change, and complete the related documentation;
9. Complete special or other temporary tasks arranged by superior leaders.

Job requirements

1.Bachelor degree (2 years of medical device industry, can be relaxed to college degree), mechanical, industrial design, material related major;
2. Proficient in 2D and 3D graphics software, and familiar with the basic characteristics of common medical metal or polymer materials;
3. Cet-6 or above in English, with strong ability of searching and interpreting English materials;
4. Strong practical ability, able to quickly realize the design, production, improvement and finalization of samples;
5. Active, serious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, with outstanding patent and document writing ability;
6. Honest, with strong active learning ability, communication ability and teamwork ability.

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