Currently, our major form of marketing activities of product candidates under development is academic outreach, by which we are dedicated to growing our brand recognition through regular interaction with physicians, offering training programs, and providing professional treatment solutions in areas, such as structural heart diseases, heart failure, and cardioembolic thrombi prevention.


Regular interaction with physicians, HCP and researchers

To increase the awareness of our product candidates, we regularly interact with physicians, HCP (health care professionals) and researchers in relevant field. Such interaction is fostered through regular visits and communications, on-site demonstration of our product candidates, training, and education programs. In addition to accelerating the market awareness and adoption of our product candidates, our communications with physicians provide us with continual feedback on our product candidates and trends in the market, which helps guide our research and development projects.


Offering training programs.

With respect to regular training sessions including on-site demonstration of our product candidates at hospitals, we promote our product candidates by delivering our academic influence and expanding our hospital coverage. In particular, we plan to shorten the learning curve of the treatment by professional training program, which accompanies the whole career life of the physicians. As a result, we hope the program can enhance the collaboration between the company and the professionals, which can further accelerate the innovation of the products and serve the patients.


Educational symposia, conferences, seminars

We regularly organize and attend educational symposia, conferences, seminars, and other activities at national, regional and local levels. For example, at PCR London Valves 2023, Professor Julien Dreyfus together with Professor PAN Xiangbin(潘湘斌教授), officially released the 1-year result of the confirmatory clinical trial of our transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement system, LuX-Valve. During the TCT 2023 conference, Academician GE Junbo(葛均波院士)officially released the 30-day result of the confirmatory clinical trial of LuX-Valve Plus. At the CHINA VALVE (HANGZHOU) 2024, LuX-Valve Plus became the hot topic of discussion and caught high attention by its successful implantation cases in Europe and North America. We have the confidence that our innovative product candidates will continuously be of high attention and recognition in the academic discussion. Such conferences and seminars provide us the opportunities to introduce our product candidates, share our clinical results, and enhance the recognition of the clinical benefits of our products. Going forward, we plan to organize and participate in more academic conferences of the aforementioned kinds on a yearly basis.


Unleash the Potential of Global Layout

As an innovative medical device company in China with global ambitions, we plan to continue our endeavors in various international markets and are determined to build a world-class company with global influence. Leveraging our in-house R&D capabilities, we have built a global proprietary patent portfolio, which spans across domestic and overseas markets. We also plan to collaborate with global medical device companies, research institutions, and hospitals to develop and implement our international strategy.

Global Commercialization:

• In China mainland, the LuX-Valve series products have been admitted into the Special Procedures for Examination and Approval of Innovative Medical Devices (the “Green Path”), which were also the “only” tricuspid valve interventional replacement device admitted in the “Green Path”. We are continuing to advance the registration of the LuX-Valve series products.

• In Europe, LuX-Valve Plus is about to complete the enrollment of trial subjects for the clinical trial carried out in Europe with the aim of obtaining the CE Certificate. Clinical institutions from countries, such as France, Germany, Spain and Denmark, are actively participating in the clinical trial. LuX-Valve Plus won unanimous acclaims from those participating clinical institutions. Meanwhile, LuX-Valve Plus was selected for European Medicine Agency’s Expert Panel Scientific Advice Pilot, which would accelerate the clinical and registration process for CE Certificate of LuX-Valve Plus in Europe, and expand the global reach and facilitate the internationalization progress of the product.

• In North America, we have completed dozens of clinical implantations LuX-Valve Plus in U.S. and Canada, and achieved remarking clinical results. The pre-submission of the early feasibility study (EFS) of LuX-Valve Plus in the U.S. was officially accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) application of LuX-Valve Plus in the U.S. also officially commenced. Meanwhile, LuX-Valve Plus was selected into FDA’s Total Product Life Cycle Advisory Program (TAP), which would improve certainty and accelerate the progress of the clinical trial and the commercialization of the product in the U.S..

• In the Asia-Pacific region excluding the mainland of China, LuX-Valve Plus has completed a series of pre-commercial activities. In order to meet the substantial and urgent demand form tricuspid regurgitation patients around the world, we plan to carry out such activities in phases in different regions globally, to further enhance our academic position and commercial influence and lay a solid foundation for the worldwide promotion for commercialization.

• In Latin America, LuX-Valve Plus completed its first clinical implantation of Latin America in Brazil, which further broaden the regions of coverage. It is also the first application of TTVR in Latin America, which won high appraisal from the physicians.

We have trained over 74 independent physicians and teaching experts of LuX-Valve series products globally, and expanded to more than 270 hospitals worldwide with influence both in academia and industry. We are exploring global business development cooperation and enterprises in different phases, which can accelerate the global commercialization of our products around the world.

As part of our international strategy, we will steadily expand our academic coverage into overseas markets and continue to participate in international heart valve conferences and academic events, such as the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference and congenital and structural valvular heart intervention conference (CSI). We plan to continue to actively participate in or sponsor key industry conferences and events in the future to promote our brand “Jenscare” in China and globally.

We aim to continue to develop innovative technologies and endeavor to apply those technologies to our pipeline products. Meanwhile, we also plan to actively seek opportunities for strategic acquisitions or investments to grow our business, expand our product pipeline and IP portfolio, and enhance our R&D capabilities and our market position. Leveraging our experience in the heart failure medical device market derived from the acquisition of Ningbo DioChange in 2020, we plan to identify pioneering projects or companies with high growth potential in China and overseas. We may also consider acquiring the IP portfolio of, or pursuing licensing arrangements with, third parties, where we elect not to conduct in-house R&D.

In the short term, we plan to focus primarily on the China market, and may consider acquiring or licensing advanced IP portfolios that are complementary to our existing portfolio, especially in the field of transcatheter valve therapies. In the mid- to long-term, we plan to gradually increase our acquisition and investment efforts as our operations and financial resources grow. In addition to acquiring technologies, we may consider acquiring, or investing in, companies with mature product lines or with operations outside China. We believe our proprietary technologies, R&D capabilities, product registration experience, and growing commercialization infrastructure will enable us to integrate those acquired products effectively and expedite their commercialization.