Innovation Spirits
We have independently developed 10 minimally invasive interventional treatment solutions targeting tricuspid valve diseases, mitral valve diseases, aortic valve diseases, and heart failure. All products are based on our original innovation and possess global patents and independent intellectual property rights.
TTVR system

Our LuX-Valve is designed to treat symptomatic patients with both severe tricuspid regurgitation and high surgical risk. It is expected to become one of the first TTVR products approved for commercialization in the world. The function of the patient's dysfunctional native tricuspid valve is replaced by a prosthetic valve stent through minimally invasive intervention, which has the advantages of less trauma, less pain, and faster recovery. LuX-Valve was designated as a "breakthrough device" by the FDA, and was the first domestically-developed medical device receiving such designation in the field of heart valve disease treatment.