Innovation Spirits
We have independently developed 10 minimally invasive interventional treatment solutions targeting tricuspid valve diseases, mitral valve diseases, aortic valve diseases, and heart failure. All products are based on our original innovation and possess global patents and independent intellectual property rights.

JensClip, our proprietary clip-based TMVr system, is designed to treat patients with severe mitral regurgitation. It works by clipping together a small area of the mitral valve leaflets, which continue to open and close on either side of the clip. This allows blood to flow on both sides while reducing the flow of blood in the wrong direction. In addition, JensClip utilizes a claw wall and a locking mechanism, with a simple structure design that can grasp the valve leaflets bilaterally and is easy to use with good flexibility. In addition, during the procedure, the delivery system of JensClip is designed to enable physicians to maneuver the device in a 360-degree fashion.