Innovation Spirits
We have independently developed 10 minimally invasive interventional treatment solutions targeting tricuspid valve diseases, mitral valve diseases, aortic valve diseases, and heart failure. All products are based on our original innovation and possess global patents and independent intellectual property rights.
LuX-Valve Plus
TTVR System (transvascular)

LuX-Valve Plus, our proprietary second-generation TTVR system, is designed for patients with severe tricuspid regurgitation. LuX-Valve Plus works by functionally replacing the patient's dysfunctional native tricuspid valve with a prosthetic valve stent without the need for conventional open-heart surgery. LuX-Valve Plus uses a transvascular delivery system through transvascular approach. We expect the transvascular access path to effectively simplify the operation procedure with shorter device procedure time, smaller incision and less damage to the heart tissue. In addition, the delivery system of LuX-Valve Plus is multi-angle adjustable and steerable, allowing physicians to more conveniently adjust the release position and release angle, and thereby further increasing the product's safety profile.